About me

I am a fourth year PhD candidate studying applied mathematics at UCLA. I work with Professor Deanna Needell, and I am supported by the NSF Graduate Research Fellowship. Previously, I attended Calvin University, where I obtained bachelor’s degrees in mathematics and chemistry, with a minor in computer science. I am broadly interested in the mathematics of data science; I am currently working on various projects related to machine learning on manifolds. I am also interested in low-rank matrix and tensor approximation and issues of bias in machine learning.

Contact Information

  • Email: joycechew [at] math [dot] ucla [dot] edu
  • Office: Mathematical Sciences 6153
  • Office Hours: By appointment.

If you do not receive an email response within 24 hours, please ping me again. I am happy to discuss math, graduate school (applying, my experience so far, and everything in between), and the NSF Graduate Research Fellowship with any students.