As an undergraduate, I benefitted greatly from mentorship in the form of research opportunities. I also found myself longing for a guide through the process of learning about the broader mathematical world, making decisions about my career, and applying to various programs. Therefore, I seek to serve as a mentor in various ways at UCLA. Please feel free to email me for more details about any of these programs!

UCLA/Los Angeles Pierce College Collaborative Undergraduate Research Experience (NSF Award)

This program adapts the Research Experiences in Community Colleges (RE-C^2) model to a collaborative online program that brings together UCLA faculty, Pierce College faculty, UCLA doctoral students, and Pierce College students. As a graduate student mentor, I designed a research project and work together with two Pierce College students. This included a three-week-long summer “bootcamp” of teaching linear algebra and Python fundamentals. Our project focuses on empirical and theoretical comparison of Kaczmarz methods.


As a graduate student mentor in the UCLA Computational and Applied Mathematics REU, I guide undergraduate participants through regular meetings where we review results, brainstorm approaches to obstacles, and suggest directions for further study.

  • 2022: AI for Holocaust Studies (with Dr. Michael Lindstrom, Dr. Michael Perlmutter, Prof. Todd Presner, and Prof. Deanna Needell) [paper]
  • 2021: California Innocence Project (with Dr. Longxiu Huang, Ben Jarman, and Prof. Deanna Needell) [paper]

Directed Reading Program at UCLA

The Directed Reading Program pairs graduate students with undergraduate students who want to explore an area of mathematics that is not typically covered in the standard undergraduate mathematics classes at UCLA. Here are the projects I have supervised:

  • Fall 2021: Convex optimization
  • Winter 2022: Introduction to Kaczmarz methods (two students)
  • Spring 2022: Continued exploration of Kaczmarz methods (two students), Introduction to matrix factorizations and algorithms

Women in Math at UCLA

The Women in Math mentorship program pairs female graduate students and postdocs with female undergraduate students to give support and advice. I have been a mentor for one year, mentoring a student interested in mathematics education. We meet several times throughout the year, discussing topics such as course selection, summer programs, and applying to graduate school.